Hello World.

This is the evolving website for the Hawaii Reed lab.

I (Floyd Reed) have tried various formats for a lab website.

This includes experimenting with a WordPress content management system that gives the site a very professional and polished look (link to WordPress site). However, it constantly needs updating (the equation rendering on the current site is broken because of a php update) and in some ways feels constrained.

I have also tried organizing the site as a DokuWiki wiki. To give lab members more convenient routine editing ability. However, this also has limitations and in practice is not kept up to data with little content actually generated over time. (It is too easy to quickly add drafts without really polishing and curating them.)

In the end I am coming more full circle with my old practice of using pages in plain html. I like the long term stability and portability of html. It is easy to learn and forces the writer to slow down and focus on step by step details, which in some cases is a good thing. I have some example pages that I have been putting together (here is one about heterozygosity in the population genetic sense) and will add more. (February 19, 2020)