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 +Unfortunately there is constant spam email from predatory conferences once you are listed in a department website. They are pretty easy to spot because you never heard of the conference or the organizer, it is often not related to what you actually do, doesn'​t come from an academic email address, and containes lots of bolded words and exclamation points. ​
 +Here is the subject line and the first few lines from a recent email. ​
 +  * Subject: Floydr_Current Trends and Advances in Proteomics, Genomics and Bio-informatics 2020
 +  * From: Euro Proteomics 2020 <​> ​
 +  * Dear Floydr
 +  * Warm wishes from **EURO PROTEOMICS 2020**!!!
 +  * We take immense pleasure in inviting you as a **Keynote Speaker** at our two-day event gathering of top researchers at “**Euro Global Conference on Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics**” scheduled at **Paris, France** next year during **October 01-02, 2020**.
 +  * We also would like to honour you by giving the position of **Scientific Committee Member** at this event and the roles include, moderating a session of your interest, responsible for well-balanced and high-quality program which is organized and presented at the conference, ensuring the conference runs to time, thanking the speakers for their contribution and felicitating them with speaker mementos.
 +  * If you are interested in taking up these roles as scientific committee member, please kindly share us your biography and latest photograph along with the title of your talk as a positive acknowledgement from your side.
 +  * [...]
 +Links to articles about this: 
 +  * https://​​dr-madhukar-pai/​predatory-conferences-academia_b_12467834.html
 +  * https://​​careers/​2016/​11/​dubious-conferences-put-pose-symposium
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