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   * https://​​scholar?​cluster=16897837921898262737   * https://​​scholar?​cluster=16897837921898262737
   * {{private:​reshiandhong2017.pdf}} (internal lab link)   * {{private:​reshiandhong2017.pdf}} (internal lab link)
 +The self-destruction of cells infected with viruses undergoes the process of apoptosis generally to restrict infection and the spread of viral progeny. To avoid infection host has evolved interconnected complex defence network that comprises innate and acquired immune response. Mitochondria being considered as powerhouse of a cell is not limited to only energy production, but mitochondria perform various other functions in (disease, apoptosis and host innate immune system) which make them absolutely indispensable to the cell. This makes them a target of almost all the invading pathogens including viruses. Therefore being a multifunctional organelle, the viruses choose mitochondria as a favourite organelle as they can easily take control of the whole cell and make it to promote or block apoptosis as per their need.
 {{tag>​Publication}} {{tag>​Publication}}
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