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National Academies of Sciences Report on Genetically Engineered Crops

This was just released yesterday from a committee chaired by Fred Gould:

"This consensus report examines a range of questions and opinions about the economic, agronomic, health, safety, or other effects of genetically engineered (GE) crops and food. Claims and research that extol both the benefits and risks of GE crops have created a confusing landscape for the public and for policy makers. This report is intended to provide an independent, objective examination of what has been learned since the introduction of GE crops, based on current evidence."


I think there are only two, maybe three, people left in the world that have not heard about the CRISPR-Cas9 system. It originates from a type of bacterial immune response but has been recruited as a genetic tool and has swept through the genetic engineering community in the last few years. In fact, one of the criticisms of our last NIH grant applications was that we were not using CRISPR's...  Here are some links to a few articles of wide interest regarding this technology.