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Hello World,

I am an assistant professor starting a new research group in the Department of Biology at the University of Hawai'i and wanted to start on online website for and about the group.  I want to do this for several reasons; to help us communicate with each other, to start an alternative and accessible record of projects, but most of all to let anyone out there that is interested see what we do and are up to.

Part of this is motivated by a perception I have run into "out there" that professors only teach classes--but this is only part of what we do.  First and foremost I am a scientist and I went into the profession to do research.

I am new to Hawai'i and this is an exciting place to be for anyone working in the biological sciences, especially in fields related to evolution.  Hawai'i is unique in several respects and is unparallelled in the potential research opportunities here.  One of my first jobs/projects (and one that will never be finished) is to learn more about the natural history of Hawai'i.

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