BIOL 375 Concepts of Genetics  offered in fall semesters

The recommended class textbook is "Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach" by Mark Sanders and John Bowman. An iClicker is required and participation will be part of the grade.
I am planning to have extra credit reading during the course of the semester and am considering a required reading list in future classes.  The Fall 2013 extra credit reading list will be picked from:

More details will be on the course webpage and in the syllabus.

BIOL 375L the lab component of the genetics class

BIOL 650 Population Genetics  to be offered in spring 2014

BIOL 490 Special Topics "GMO's: Science and Society" a special topics course with an ethics focus co-taught with Dr. G. de Couet in spring 2014

BIOL 499 Directed Research  I am not accepting any additional directed research students until the spring of 2015.