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 +[[Justin Walguarnery]] and [[Maria Costantini]] are working on mosquito projects in the lab. This is in collaboration with the Sutton lab at UH Hilo and the Medeiros lab at UH M`anoa. We are interested in a range of questions ranging from utilizing gene drive technology such as underdominance, population suppression with Wolbachia, and understanding demographic parameter values such as population sizes, migration rates and dispersal distances. 
 +[[Maria Costantini]] is working on [[hawaiian_honeycreepers|Hawaiian honeycreeper]] microbiota projects in the lab. 
-==Collector Urchins==+====Collector Urchins==== 
 +We are working on sea urchin genomics in collaboration with Áki Láruson. 
 +[[Michael Wallstrom]] is working on [[Sponges|sponges]] in Hawai``i including characterizing a new species of sponge associated with invasive algae. 
-==Crocodiles== +====Crocodiles==== 
- +[[Helen Sung]] is working on understanding hybridization between the American crocodile (//Crocodylus acutus//) and Morelet's crocodile (//Crocodylus moreletii//) in Central America. 
 +We are working on Hawaiian solitary bee (//Hylaeus//) genomics. 
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