DNA Barcoding

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DNA Barcoding can be a useful way to confirm a species identification and is a good teaching tool to introduce students to PCR and working with DNA sequence data.

General Workflow

  1. Collect sample and record initial data
  2. Extract DNA
    1. Optional: Quantify DNA extraction
  3. Run PCR
  4. Check PCR product on a gel
    1. Troubleshoot and optimize PCR conditions if necessary
  5. ExoSAP the PCR product
  6. Sanger Sequencing
    1. Troubleshoot and optimize sequencing if necessary
  7. Process the sequence trace files into a DNA sequence
  8. Search online DNA databases for similar sequences
  9. Submit a record of your data and results to BOLD

Animal Samples

Plant Samples

Fungi Samples

Bacteria Samples