LB Agar Plates

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LB Agar is made of LB broth with agar added:

Casein Peptone 10 g/l
Yeast Extract 5 g/l
Sodium Chloride 10 g/l
Agar 15 g/l

The LB/agar is 4 g per 100 ml solution. Freshly made mix without antibiotics should be autoclaved at 121 C for 20 min or placed in boiling water for 30 min to sterilize. Initially the agar will not be dissolved well and will require some stirring to get a clear solution for pouring plates. Antibiotics (such as Ampicillin) if used, should not be added until after the media has cooled to less than 60 C, then added, stirred, and poured before the agar sets.

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